iPhone6 case beloved by girls coming here: flashing while a call or message

For the beautiful young girls, appearance is the primary or even the only element the most time when choosing the phone cases. But under the beautiful design, with some practical functions, that is naturally perfect. And the case we share in this article, is obviously very cater to this condition: beautiful and practical.
iPhone6 caseRecently there is a Japanese manufacturer which makes a fancy pattern for iPhone 6. It looks the same as ordinary mobile phone case at the beginning, but the point is that it is of separation design, except the surrounding protection box, its back can flash while there is a call and you receive messages, and you also have a variety of optional color decorative pattern.
iPhone6 case goodAt present the product is still in the book, it only supports the iPhone 6 Plus, but we can expect that the case of iPhone 6 will be on market soon, the price is 3088 yen including commodity tax.

“Core value” private custom phone cases are attractive

The civilized city creation comes into the countdown of the “big test”, the core values of 24 words should be known to us. college the student village official Zhu Sichi and his friends from Mountain north street HuiJing community recently came up with a “weapon”– private custom phone cases of “The socialist core values”! With the 24 words in hand, you can see them at any time. Will you think that it be a bit drab and serious of the phone case with only of 24 words? Zhu Sichi and his friends also elaborate collocation of popular MOE of “face” among young people nowadays.
caseZhu Sichi told reporters, when they just launched the phone cases with core values, they just left a phone number on the Internet, but more and more people are interested and consult them. So they just put the creative products on the store.

Millet Leijun says something, Samsung mobile phones for five hundred

Samsung plans to launch an ultra low-cost smartphones Tizen Z1 in China in February 2015, at the price of $90 (about ¥560, the datas are for reference only, while dealing with the bank counter, clinch a deal valence shall prevail).

The machine is with the samsung own Tizen system, 4-inch screen (800 x 480 resolution), 1.2 GHz Spreadtrum dual-core processor, 3.2 million the rear camera, VGA front-facing camera, and 512 MB of memory, supporting the 3G and wi-Fi, dual-card-two-standby.

It is interesting to note, at the beginning of this year in December, Millet technology chairman Leijun said: “If you want to be not bumped by giants, we just need to be more fierce, you can live by burning money, don’t do it if you dare not.”

This crazy bargain products Samsung  of the ¥five hundred level, with the rhetoric of Leijun, in the competitive smartphone market in China, the fierce fighting of the competition between Samsung and Millet is even over it between Samsung and Apple.

We have learned, Samsung’s the big brother. One is a huge marketing expenses, Samsung last year only the advertising costed as much as $363 million in the United States, high on the vendor list, and the Samsung’s annual marketing expenses can be as much as a country’s GDP of Iceland; The other is a huge machine sea tactics, covering high-end, midrange and low-end, but the one thousand yuan mobile phone Samsung sold at home, high price with low configuration, which are difficult to block, cost-effective domestic handset competition.

From the perspective of Samsung mobile phone, the smart phones level of five hundred yuan, which is totally the “suicide” type of market action. In spite the share declines in the global smartphone market, Samsung mobile phone is still the world’s biggest maker of mobile phones, the first smartphone using self-developed Tizen system will sell for¥560, which will no doubt give a negative impact on profits for Samsung mobile phone’s slippery constitute.

How to reflect that the samsung mobile phone this time is really throwing caution to the wind? We have learned, Sony had also introduced a cheap mobile phone before, at the price of about ¥1000.Upon this news, it was slot widely in social platform.

By contrast, Samsung Tizen Z1 at least this time are more intelligent than SONY on the ratio! But, whether the domestic users will buy this Samsung’s new account or not, which will need to see.

Analytic personage points out, Samsung is likely to be for the sake of fighting with Chinese manufacturers such as huawei, and Millet, to rob the market which was snatched by Chinese vendors. The first few priority listed sale Samsung this machine are also such as India, China which have a huge market demand for cheap smartphones.

According to figures released by Gartner in mid-december, in the third quarter Samsung sold 73.21 million smartphones in the whole world, the market share is 24.4%, which is still the world’s first. But the market share of Samsung smartphones, has decreased by 7.7% compared with last year, and the sales of more than seven million.

At this time, Huawei, Millet, Lenovo, the three Chinese manufacturers, the sales of global merger market share reaches 15.5%, which is up 4.1% compared with the earlier year.

This year, China’s smartphone makers make Samsung mobile phone very difficult, this is perhaps the reason Samsung launch the ¥500 level in February 2015 in China.

According to the home grid, after the jump ticket many times of Samsung Tizen, finally there is a precise schedule this time, which also has a great relationship with Samsung’s executives recently restructuring.

Although rumors that three executives will be fired in Samsung mobile department, but based on the contribution of the past, director Shen Zongjun is still in. For Samsung mobile phone business in 2015, it is time to put the Tizen products on market. Tizen is the operating system by Samsung, with great effort of independent development, which was designed to get rid of the complete dependent on Google’s android.

Samsung, Millet, Huawei, Coolpad…Chinese manufacturers are busy on new phone of ¥4000 level, Samsung is busy on new phone of ¥500 level, next year China’s smartphone battle to burn money, is unequivocal!